Saturday, May 31, 2014

Give Your Commercial Real Estate Client More Feedback on Marketing Results

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Improve your Commercial Real Estate Marketing

To understand the success of your commercial real estate marketing campaign you should use a number of standard channels of data to assess progress.  That ‘feedback channel data’ shall normally be sourced and tracked in the following way:

  • calls from the signage
  • calls from the media advertisements
  • enquiries from the direct mail and brochures
  • enquiries from brochures and flyers
  • email enquiries from websites
  • database generated leads

Given the above feedback channels, always seek to understand the buyer's perception of property value and price when they talk to you.  The feedback will help you shape the clients thinking.  Consider these:

  • The information from the buyers and the media results should be provided to the client both as a number of enquiries and the verbal feedback that the buyers provide.
  • Record the number of inspections arranged from the initial enquiries.
  • Give the client feedback from the property inspections.

Web sites and Internet traffic today are also providing significant enquiry from marketing efforts  Internet traffic and Internet advertisements, together with ‘hits’ on listings should be a larger part of assessing your promotional package.

In this way you will soon know the best methods of promoting properties for sale in your region and precinct.  Marketing is essentially a balance of cost against the best ways of attracting the target market.  Assess your progress on a daily basis and report to the client accordingly.

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