Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Be Breathtakingly Humble in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today

businessman climbing ladder
Humility builds success in Commercial Real Estate

Your success as a real estate agent or broker may be significant but don’t let that impact your image as a quality person and a property specialist.  Overblown ‘ego’ can get in the way of progress in any property market and with your clients.  ‘Ego’ can destroy a career make no mistake; clients and prospects will usually avoid ‘overblown’ attitude and ego in our industry.

A successful and difficult deal today should not give you any reason to feel that you are better than anyone else.  Humility is a powerful tool in professional sales so use it fully.

Here are some facts and ideas for you:

  1. Accept your success in sales and leasing transactions with humility and creativity.  When you have achieved a positive result for your clients move on to the next stage and client need.  Stay active and focused.  That’s how you win referral business.
  2. Build real ongoing trust with your clients through valuable ongoing contact.  Tell them about the trends in the market and how they can be part of that.  Understand what they are looking for in property type and give them the advance notice of ideal properties coming up and investment opportunities.
  3. Take every exclusive listing on in a way that builds momentum towards a target market.  Help the client see how you are spending extensive time on the marketing process and that you are not just relying on advertising to do things for you.  Take every exclusive listing to the target market and focus your efforts at a personal level.  Every good listing is a solid excuse to talk to a lot of new people.  That is how you can build your database.
  4. Be easy to find and relate to.  Those clients and prospects that want to talk about property or market trends should find it easy to reach you.  How can they do that?  Are you using social media to integrate into their life?
  5. Show your clients total respect and relevance when it comes to property today.  In an ongoing way supply them with information and market updates that are tuned to their property need. Don’t just send lots of listings and hope that the client will talk to you.  When you send any information to those people in your database, make the follow-up calls and see how the clients and prospects are tracking with their property needs.  That process of follow-up is all too often overlooked by many agents and brokers.

The best real estate agents in the market have usually built strong and robust client relationships that are nurtured into the future.  That’s how they get referral business and repeat property activity from their database.