Friday, October 4, 2013

Sales Pitch and Presentation Ideas for Commercial Real Estate Agents

woman with laptop
Understand how you will present and pitch for a real estate listing.

In commercial real estate brokerage, some agents rely too much on ‘computer’ based presentation material, and in doing that they ‘disconnect’ from the client.  So who is presenting the proposal anyway?  Is it you as the local property expert or ‘Microsoft’?

The best presentations and sales pitches are won on the basis of relevance and experience of the agent individual to the client and their needs.  That will be built around:

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Recommendations
  • Choices
  • Costs
  • Experience

Any computer based presentation only plays a small part in that process; perhaps you may need a full slide show presentation when you are pitching your services to a ‘board of directors’ or similar client.  In most cases you should work to a proposal or pitch from a personal process and level of connection.  If you are the top agent in the local area, that will help your confidence and your client connection.  Give the client the market information and the evidence that they require to make the right choice in marketing, inspecting, and negotiating.  Help them see that you have those solutions that are not generic and are quite specific.

In ordinary terms you should only use your computer when a point needs to be supported by a complex chart or information.  Certainly do not degrade your presentation or pitch using generic PowerPoint slides or similar ‘generic fluff’.   Most sales pitches are ‘won’ on the strength and confidence of the individual.

One valuable strategy when doing a sales pitch in commercial real estate is to incorporate a large number of quality photographs into a rolling slide show.  For most presentations, you will need approximately 20 to 30 photographs taken at different angles, within different parts of the property, and at different times of day.

Show the property from its strengths and its opportunities.  The client will have an immediate connection to the photographs of the property.  That is far more so the case than a generic slide show presentation.  When you use the photographs, it is simply a matter of connecting your comments and recommendations to the photographs supplied.

So here are some tips to make your presentation relevant to the client and the opportunities of the property:

  1. Show the client that you completely understand the property and its strengths currently in this market today.  You can take them through the important selling features that will be used in the marketing campaign.
  2. Position the property to a particular target market, and then build your marketing recommendations around those facts.  Tell the client exactly how you will attract the enquiry from the target market, and then how you will qualify the prospects, inspect the property, and negotiate the necessary terms and conditions that could apply to the contract or the lease.
  3. Most clients like to have a few choices when it comes to choosing an agency or brokerage.  You are likely to be pitching your services against other agents from your town or city.  For that reason, give your prospective client a few choices when it comes to the marketing process.  Sell your marketing solutions with a few alternatives and costing solutions.  Make sure that the marketing process comprehensively covers the best choices of media for the property in question.  Be quite specific when it comes to choices and recommendations.

So there are some specific things that you can do here as part of your presentation and sales pitch process in commercial real estate.  Remember that the success of the presentation will be largely built around your confidence and communication skills.  Only use a computer based presentation where circumstances require it to support complex details and information.  Show the client that you are the best solution when it comes to tapping into the right target market in the best possible way.