Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Commercial Real Estate Broker - Habits are Hip

commercial real estate broker writing in diary
Systems work in commercial real estate brokerage.

The habits that you create in commercial real estate brokerage will make or break your career as a top agent.  Systematized process will help you tap into the market and the clients that need your services.
Take a serious look at your business habits and determine the weaknesses that need to be addressed.  Understand your strengths as well in that process and build on them.

So what habits should you focus on when it comes to your career as a commercial real estate agent?  Typically they are the following:

  1. Servicing clients – it takes time to convert clients and listings in commercial real estate.  When you have spent a number of months if not years building a relationship with the client, it stands to reason that your client connection process is should be well structured and professional.
  2. Prospecting – the prospecting process is critical to growth of market share.  Every day of the working week should include elements of prospecting for new people and new properties.  When you control the listings, you control the inquiry.  Far too many agents focus on buyers and tenants because they are easy to find.  That then leads to a secondary problem of finding a property to suit the buyer or the tenant.  Top agents focus on attracting and converting listings.  When you control the listing, you control the property opportunity and commission outcome.  
  3. Quality listings - every top quality property should be converted to an exclusive listing.  When you advertise a top quality property all the buyers and the tenants of the market will come to you.  The same can be said when it comes to other agents seeking to introduce their buyers and tenants to your listing.
  4. Marketing – the marketing process in commercial real estate will be both for the listings that you create and also for you personally.  Listings create inquiries, but the personal marketing process can be even more important.  It applies to your skill and property specialty will help you penetrate the best clients and the opportunities for future business.  This then says that you should have a regular marketing process that applies to your listings and yourself personally.
  5. Specialized skills – almost every working day you will spend some time on marketing, negotiating, inspecting, and prospecting.  Each of these things requires special skills and dialogue.  You can improve your skills by practicing within the team and on an individual basis.  Professional dialogue in a sales environment is quite special.  Start the day with a practice routine relating to dialogue improvement.  You can do that before you get to the office.

So there are lots of things that you can do here to improve your market share and commission opportunity in commercial real estate brokerage.  Understand the things that will provide you with the better outcomes and opportunities with listings, commissions, and clients.  Selectively prioritize important issues into your diary and get them done every day.

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