Sunday, June 9, 2013

Social Media Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Social media tools have now integrated into the commercial real estate broker industry in a big way.  A good real estate broker should be building a social media profile as well as marketing their properties on the internet.

There are a number of ways to undertake this ‘social’ process and a combination can easily be set up for any agent that will then help them with profile and ongoing client contact.

So why do this?  Here are some key reasons:

  • The internet will only get stronger and larger.  At this point the growth predictions are huge; you just need to know how to use the technology and get your system started.
  • Many of our prospects will go to the internet to find a property before they will find an agency or brokerage.
  • All segments of the market are using different tools to maintain contact with the right people.
  • Mobile telephones are now the most common communication and business tool in the world.
  • Internet convenience offers many different promotional websites, blogs, article sites and social media platforms that will help you with your personal profile.

In saying all of this, you do need a strategy to take your personal profile onto the internet.  Certainly your listed properties will have your name and contact detail on each advertisement, but you should build another profile on the internet; that of an industry expert for a local area.  Listings come and go from the market, but your name and profile should be strengthened over time.

Most of our prospects want a property type in a certain location.  Your internet identity should always be focused on a location, a particular skill (or skills) and a property type.  For example, that profile could be as an ‘Office leasing specialist in the Detroit CBD’.

When you determine exactly what you are building your real estate profile for and about, you can set about using the available tools correctly and efficiently.  Focus on the ‘keywords’ that the prospects and clients are using in this market today.  Here are some ideas to do that:

  1. Visit the Google Search Engine and look up ‘Keyword Search Tool’.  It is a free service provided by Google that will help you understand the ‘keywords’ that have relevance to the search engines and your market.
  2. Within the ‘keyword search tool’, search your preferred property type, and city or town.  Also use the words associated with your property market, such as ‘commercial property’, ‘retail leasing’, or ‘industrial warehouse’.  The search tool will give you back a list of search terms and the number of times they have been searched for your country and or globally.  From this list you can see trends and points of focus when it comes to property enquiry.
  3. The advantage of this process is that you can save the search results in a spread sheet for later reference.
  4. Select 20 or so terms from the list that seem the most popular and relevant to your city, property type, and skill.  These words should be merged into your activities on the internet in advertisements, articles, blogs, and twitter.  That will help you match your content and information to the search terms most common today.

To build your profile on the internet you simply must understand what people are looking for and then match your profile accordingly.  It’s common sense really, and a very productive process.

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