Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ask for the Appointment as Agent in Commercial Real Estate

Always ask for the appointment 

In commercial real estate agency, you should be asking for the appointment at every opportunity with all the clients and the prospects that you work with.  Here are some commercial real estate agent training tips from our main website....

Asking for the ‘appointment’ can be a number of different things such as the following:

·         The chance to lease a property in the local area.
·         The opportunity to list a property for sale
·         The appointment to meet with the client or prospect on a regular basis
·         The chance to close on a listing opportunity where you have recently presented your services

In simple terms, you should be comfortable in asking for the appointment.  Asking for the business is part of what we do.

That being said we do need to ask professionally and in a relevant way.  Our business is to help clients and prospects with their sales and leasing challenges.  The same rules apply when it comes to property management although the product and service we provide is a little bit different.

So here are some rules for you to apply to the concept:

1.       When you have completed a sales pitch or presentation relating to a sale or leasing appointment, always ask for the commitment of the client on paper in and on the listing form at the time.  Don't allow the client to ‘think about it’ or ‘get back to you’ in the future.  In such case they are only delaying for time and probably have made a choice already with another agent. 
2.       When you have comprehensively and consistently presented your relevant real estate services to the client or the prospect, your attempt to close on the listing should be easy and logical.  If you have completely and directly sold your specialist services to the client, they should not hesitate in signing the listing document.
3.       When you speak to a prospect or a client for the first time and particularly across the telephone, ask for an appointment to meet with them.  It doesn't matter if they are not ready to do the business with you yet, the value of the personal meeting will be high when it comes to building trust over time. 
4.       Get in front of many qualified prospects and clients on a regular basis using this process.  Every day you should be generating at least two new meetings with new people.  After every meeting the relationship should be continued and expanded.  That's what top agents do.

Our industry can be relatively straightforward and rewarding when you follow the rules.  An agent that is reluctant to ask for the work is an agent that will struggle over time when it comes to getting new business and servicing your clients.  

Always be prepared to ask for the business and step forward to promote yourself as part of that process.  The decision is not hard for clients when they can see that you are truly the expert that they require when it comes to sales and leasing activity and challenges within their property.

You can get more tips like these from our main commercial real estate training website right here.