Friday, January 13, 2012

Internet Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Today the internet is taking over the marketing of commercial property. That being said, it is essential for agents and salespeople to understand how to market not just their listed properties but also themselves through the internet.

When a property owner wants to check out the agents in the local area before they list their property, they will likely do so in a couple of ways. They are:
  • They will assess just what signage presence the agent has in the local area. 
  • They will check out just what properties the agent has listed in the local area. 
The fact is that most agents will strive to cover both of these issues as effectively as possible. It is a simple rule; more signs and more listings means more enquiry. When you have enquiry you can do something and negotiate through to a closed contract or lease as the case may be.

Let's say now that real estate agents marketing commercial property can do some other things (in addition to that above) to position themselves as dominant real estate agents in a given location and with a particular property type. Here is how it can be done:
  1. Start a blog and make regular entries about your specialist property type. This will help people see that you really know what you are talking about. Blog entries should be made daily or at a minimum weekly. The more updates you can do on the blog, the better it is for you.
  2. In the blog make sure you comment about the local property area and what makes it special to business owners and property investors. Use keywords that property investors and business owners would use when they are searching about property in your area.
  3. Write articles and send them to the major article sites such as or or   These articles sites are frequented by the search engines and hence as as result of your articles, your name and property speciality will now be shown and listed on the search engines in addition to that which you get through your normal website.
  4. Create additional content for your website and load it frequently on new webpages. Search engines like to see an active site with good content updates. Updates should be done every day if possible. 
The improvement of your profile on the internet is easily achieved by these 4 simple points. Yes, you may say that time and effort is required, but you would expect that if you wanted more profile and results wouldn't you?

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