Friday, August 17, 2012

Observations About Support Staff for Commercial Realtors Today

secretary answering the telephone
Support staff will help your commercial real estate agency business.

Some commercial realtors and commercial property agencies operate with support staff for the sales team, but they do so in many different ways.  If you get the support staff equation correct, the sales team can produce better results and more quality listings.

The targets of putting support staff in the sales team structure is to do some or all of the following:

  • Remove the mundane paperwork from the sales people so they can get on with listing and prospecting.
  • Build and maintain a quality approach to standard tasks that the salespeople must do for the clients and the listings that they are involved with.
  • Keep some more ordinary salespeople on task and controlled to the business working model
  • Monitoring the quality of the work that is put out by the sales team.
  • Put some quality control on the marketing of the listings in your agency
  • Creating standards to the administration of the sales and leasing listings.

So these are some really good reasons to have a quality support team behind the sales team.  That being said, the support team costs money and will be a burden on the business financially.  There is a very good case here for taking 5% or up to 10% off the top of the gross commissions to fund the support sales team cost.

Now many salespeople will have an issue with what I have just said with taking some of the commission off the top of the completed sale or lease transaction; however the reality of the situation is that someone has to do the mundane paperwork that is associated with each and every listing.  It is really important to put some quality systems into the activities of the sales team.  A good support team can do that.

Here are some tasks that a support team could control for the brokers or agents:

  1. Undertaking the property title checks before the marketing of the property occurs
  2. Gathering all of the correct paperwork before the property is taken to the market
  3. Establishing a quality marketing campaign that is aligned to the vendor paid marketing funds
  4. Following up on the sales team for client approvals of the draft advertising
  5. Listing the property on the websites associated with your real estate business
  6. Ensuring that all marketing material is sourced and aligned to any price adjustments
  7. Following up on contracts or leases, and the associated paperwork that is required to complete the transaction or take it to the next level.

Some would say that these tasks are the job of the salesperson; yes that is the case, but good support staff behind the salesperson can streamline the quality and the processes.