Sunday, August 12, 2012

Commercial Realtors - Tips to Help Your Clients Make a Decision

businessman and woman talking
Commercial Real Estate Clients need help to see the way ahead.

Some clients in commercial real estate can take too long to make a decision and take action.  Invariably that can mean lost opportunity for them and for you as the agent.  Top agents will move a client through the decision ‘gateways’ and put them on the road to action.  In saying that many a client wants to know that they are still in charge and have alternatives to choose from.  To help them with that fact you can offer a few alternatives in all the big issues such as marketing and inspection processes.

So the client should be directed or encouraged to see the benefit of moving ahead.  The best way to do that is to show them a time line of the issues ahead and how you intend to help them.  The Gantt graphing process is great for that.  You can have a typical model for sales leasing and property management.

The average client has no idea about the complexities of taking their property to the market.  In a Gantt graph you can time the bigger issues and show the client just how you will be involving them in the decisions and the actions.

How many issues are involved in taking a property to the market for sale or lease?  If you really think about it there are some 20 to 30 phases in the handling of a property for sale or for lease.  In breaking those down you can show the client just how important their choice of agent is in listing the property.  You should be the agent of choice and you can do that by showing them the way to get all the key matters under control.

Here are some issues to put in your Gantt chart for the client.

  1. The current market will include an assessment of a number of things including competing properties, time on market, price ranges, rentals, best method of sale or lease, and ways to attract enquiry away from any other property listed with competing agents.
  2. Marketing solutions can include drafting advertising, targeting the advertising, editorial, internet listing, signboards, brochures, direct calls, emails, database review, direct letters and many more.
  3. A timed marketing campaign can be designed around the market and the other properties that are on the market at the moment currently.  Competition is sometimes a good thing.  Matching to the timing of other property promotions in your office may also allow you to share property enquiry across similar property types.  A catalogue auction of a number of properties is just like that.
  4. Inspecting the property can involve strategy and features.  In simple terms it is a way of taking people to and through the property so you are building the right property impact.  A good property inspection will help you.

You can probably add to this list.  When you do this and put all of your issues in a Gantt chart, you are creating a selling tool to use in your presentation or pitch.