Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Commercial Property Agents - Win More Listings with Empathy

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Commercial Realtor's - Climb to the top of your market.

Every client in commercial real estate that we present or pitch our services to wants to be understood.  The only way you can do this is ask the right questions and then really listen to the answers.  They call it empathy, and it is one of the major skills of a top agent today.  Some less successful agents fail to do it well if at all.

Put yourself in the shoes of the prospect or client.  Wouldn’t you expect the salesperson to really show an interest and connect with the clients concerns and facts?   After all, how can you match your property services without aligning to the clients thinking?


Many times you will find that a salesperson just does not do that alignment to the level that the client wants or needs.  They simply forget to find out what is going on in the clients head, and how they are thinking.  Step into the client’s life and find out what they are thinking and how they see the facts of the property market; see how it impacts their property.

We can be too obsessed with presenting our ideas.  When this happens, we miss the listing and some other agent wins the deal.  Many clients will say that the unsuccessful agents did not really understand or listen.

Your visit with the client is not ‘eagerly anticipated’ by them; you are just another salesperson that ‘could’ help them.  Your offering and your recommendations are not relevant until you connect and lift that connection to a new level with the prospective client.  They call that empathy.  Many real estate agents could do with a ‘dose of it’ every day before they enter the client’s offices or place of business.

Here are the rules of empathy in commercial real estate agency:

  1. Seek to understand the prospective client fully before you get to the point of the discussion or your recommendations.
  2. Ask questions about the past so you can know how the prospective client got to own or occupy the property.
  3. Drill down on the situations of the present that the client sees are a challenge or of importance to them today.
  4. Create a picture of the future by asking the client about where they want to head with the current situation.

These simple questions create a momentum of empathy with the client.  The four points can be a checklist to take you to the next level and much closer to your recommendations or ideas.

Every piece of information that the client gives you should be noted and explored.  By really listening you can drill down to the next level of information and find out the trigger points that frustrate the client in the current property challenge.

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