Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Commercial Agents and Realtors - What is Your Client?

business man shaking hands
What is your client relations like?

There is a big difference between commercial real estate clients that are adversaries and those that are an ally.  One could say that the relationship was set by the actions or lack of such by the salesperson.

Yes, I know that some relationships with clients are difficult for reasons that we cannot control; however far too many relationships are not established on solid and sound business principles.  You must set the rules for a great relationship with all your clients; in that way you will get referral and repeat business.

The Right Clients and Prospects

This commercial property industry is all about relationships with the right people.  It is wise to remember that as you prospect or present for a new listing or a new client.  Build the relationship; that’s what it’s all about.

Here are some facts that we forget:

  1. The client wants to trust us with what could be considered their biggest challenge; their commercial or retail property.  The trust only comes when they can see that you really are relevant to their needs and your confidence, skills, and property knowledge can solve the challenge that they have before them.
  2. The client wants to be our friend and expects the same back from you.  They have trusted you to take on a big challenge and they want the feedback and the solutions to move forward.  Constant and relevant contact is a part of the process when you take on a new listing.  Be different and be connecting with your clients; help them with all the difficult decisions.  You are the property expert remember!
  3. There is no excuse for letting your services and property solutions result in a poor relationship with the client.  You simply must do a great job (not an ordinary one) for the client.  A disgruntled client can do a lot of damage to your credibility personally and for the agency.
  4. Great clients are built from great service and positive solutions.  We can fail to service our clients if we have too many at one time or if we take low grade clients such as those with ‘open’ type listings.

Your goal as a salesperson with all of your clients should be to create allies that can help you build your market share and spread the word about your exceptional skills as a commercial property expert.  That is how top agents grow their market share.
When you get a listing, work it to the fullest of the market and the opportunities that exist.  Don’t let anything distract you from your clients and their needs.  Nothing is more important than client service.  They pay your commission and support the agency.

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