Monday, July 16, 2012

Top Agents - Tell Some Failure Stories to Win the Listing

business man talking to woman
Have some stories to tell your client!

It is interesting just how some commercial real estate clients relate to a story or two in the marketing and presentation process.  They then know that they are not alone in the property marketing process.

Commercial or retail real estate is something that can be a complex property type and any sale or lease solution will be similarly complex.  That is why clients need us; we are the specialist agents to take the property forward.

Top agents are the specialists; invariably they have great stories to tell and feed into their sales pitch and presentations.

So what stories can you tell? You can tell some good stories and also some failure stories.  Both are worthwhile in the right circumstances.

Stories of failure have a use and can be built on the following rules:

  1. Do not give names or places that would let your current client think that you will talk about them later.  Preserve your professionalism at all costs.  Top agents do not gossip.
  2. The failure story should be a failure based on another client not taking the right action or the right path in marketing their property.
  3. Feed into the story your market knowledge and observations so the client knows that you really do know how to beat the problem and attract the inquiry.
  4. A story of another property owner’s failure will build your credibility, providing you offer alternative and strong solutions.  Your client can see the clear path that should have been taken.
  5. Do not tell failure stories that indicate that the market is ‘dead’ or ‘a basket case’.  Always look to the positive solutions that are available.  Any tough property in a tough market will have positive points that can be built on.

Become a great story teller, and your property listings will thrive.  The story connections that you make with the client will help them see solutions.  Common sense and market knowledge will take you forward and through well selected stories.  Most clients do not want to be ‘experiments’ in local property activity.

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