Saturday, July 7, 2012

Top Agent Sales Pitch in Commercial Real Estate

top commercial agent meeting clients
Top agent sales pitch

In commercial and retail real estate, the sales presentations and listing pitches that you make to clients and prospects should be well planned and crafted.  The pressures of competition from other agents in your area and with the same listing, will always be putting your ideas and presentational skills to the test.  Only the best win the game, and that is the same in commercial real estate.

Here are some tips from our regular agents bulletin.

This then says that every sales pitch should be original and directly relating to the property and the needs of the client.  Generic presentations today do not work.  A ‘top agent’ does not get to that level of success through pitching in an average way.

Here are some ideas to help make your sales pitch the best that it can be in the market today.

  1. Comprehensively view the property beforehand so you really understand it layout and features.  Walk around the property and as you do so take lots of photographs.  They will come in useful later when you present your ideas to the client; you can let the images run on a slide show on your laptop as you talk about property features and marketing ideas.
  2. Samples of marketing will always help the client see what can occur in the marketing effort.  Use marketing samples that have professional photographs as the base of images.
  3. Talk about your database and its relevance to the property today.  Ideally you should have created a short list of people that you can take to the property immediately when it has been listed.  Prospective clients find it hard to ignore immediate opportunity.
  4. Current inquiries will exist from other properties in the local area.  Give the client a summation of the level of inquiry today and tell them how their property suits the target market.
  5. Stories of other properties in the same location will help the client with the decisions that they need to take.  Tell them of how other clients resolved their property challenge and just how you and or your office shortened the property pain.
  6. Competing properties in the local area will have strengths and weaknesses when compared to the property you are about to list.  Talk your client through those factors and just how you will adjust around them.
  7. Create a visual time line to move the listing forward.  Prospective clients find it easy to make a decision when they see that you have considered the stages and activities required.  Use a Gantt chart for this process.

Recommendations are always important when it comes to your sales pitch and presentation.   Give the client some choices and reasons to move ahead.  Show them that you are the best agent that can confidently move the listing quickly and effectively.

If you want more tips for commercial real estate you can get them here as part of our regular bulletin for agents.