Thursday, July 12, 2012

Commercial Top Agents - Success in 90 Minutes a Day

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Choose your actions and results

In commercial real estate, so many agents and salespeople struggle with getting anywhere with their listings and commissions.  When the market is up they are happy, and when the market is down they are frustrated.  In effect the market controls the person;  in that case stress is the outcome.  Even in tougher property markets you can turn things around through personal effort and diligent focus.

If you want better results in commercial real estate you really do need to do something about it.  It is a personal process that requires a personal system.
The one and only thing that is more important than anything else in commercial real estate is prospecting.  It is also the one and only thing that most salespeople will avoid at every opportunity.  The prospecting process is so obvious and yet so frequently neglected.  The comfort zone takes over for many salespeople and takes them into other things that are less productive.

90 Minutes to Success

The process of prospecting takes about 90 minutes a day.  If it is done every day then remarkable changes happen in business opportunity and listings.  The simple process of prospecting for 90 minutes will soon give you a dominant market share and better quality listings.  You will find new people that really do need your services.

When new salespeople join the industry, they know that they need to prospect and cold call.  That being the case, they soon get started in the process and keep it active for a few weeks.  Most salespeople after that time will neglect the process and find something else to do.  The broader activities of their job seem to take over.

So why do so many salespeople hate the process of prospecting?

Here are some answers:

  1. The research required to make the calls can be comprehensively and lengthy.
  2. The rejection factor that comes with the cold call process can be frustrating.
  3. Finding new people to talk to every day seems to be a daunting task.
  4. Knowing what to say is difficult for some people.

Regardless of all of these things, some salespeople really do get their act together and build a tremendous prospecting system.  After about two or three months, they have leads and opportunities that other people are missing out on.  Providing they keep the process running, they move to the top of the industry with quality listings and dominant market share.

Its Your Choice 

When you work as an individual salesperson as part of a larger commercial agency, it is relatively easy to control your market and levels of enquiry.  In reality, you are a totally self-contained business driven by your own marketing efforts and activities.  When the property market changes, it is simply a matter changing your focus and redirecting your efforts into those other opportunities that still exist.

Look Around

The tougher property markets of today still have segments of opportunity.  Look around to identify the types of deals that are happening and how they are occurring.  There are some successful businesses out there that need your help and assistance.  When we provide the greatest of value and market knowledge to our clients and prospects, we can still grow our market share effectively.