Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Commercial Realtors - Client Communication Tips

man talking on mobile phone
Connect with your commercial property clients

In commercial real estate today, we have all types of technology at our disposal to help us connect with clients and prospects.  Given all of that you will frequently find that some agents and salespeople take far too long to get back to any person that has made an inquiry.

Time Frames?

So what is the acceptable time frame for getting back to a person that has left you a message?  The general rule is a same day response.  In a very worst case scenario it could be the morning after.
How many times do you here the prospect or clients say that ‘The agent didn’t get back to me’?  Unfortunately the issue is all too common.

The client is the lifeblood of the commercial real estate business.  They have the listings and require our help.

Strategies for Client Communication

So here are some other communication strategies that we can use to great advantage in commercial real estate agency today.

  1. Have a mobile number prominently displayed on all your listing signboards.  As part of that process, frequently check your signboards for vandalism and interference.
  2. Use email both in the office and when you are out of the office.  It is a great tool for immediate communication.
  3. SMS text messaging is a good tool to use when you have inspected a property or had a meeting that the client should know about.
  4. Put a client portal on your website so good clients and those with exclusive listings can log in to the site and see the latest activity on their property.
  5. Use an auto responder email system to send out newsletters to clients on a regular basis.  The automatic part of the process can save you a lot of time and effort.
  6. Send all paper work to the client in pdf form so they do not have difficulty in opening the document from an email.
  7. Any important paperwork or verbal instructions to and from the client should be evidenced in writing or on an email.  Many times you will find this strategy getting you out of any difficulty or disagreement.  The same rule applies to buyers and tenants that may be negotiating with you on any property.

Treat the communication with the client or prospect in the same way that we would want to be treated ourselves.  Professionalism can be seen and heard across the telephone.  If the client knows that you have returned their call promptly and efficiently, they will feel that we are the better agents to work with.  Selling or leasing commercial real estate is not an experiment.

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