Monday, July 23, 2012

Commercial Realtors - Are You on the 'Horse' or Has It 'Bolted'?

business man talking on the phone in a frustrated way
Get back into your market and drive inquiry forward.

When you work as a commercial real estate agent or sales person, you can feel that the market is getting away from you (the horse has ‘bolted’).  That particularly happens when you have had a break away from the office on annual leave, or you have taken a longer holiday.


Reality soon kicks in and you understand that you have little or no leads coming your way and the deals are going to your competitors in the market place.  Here are some tips from our Bulletin this week.

It takes time to get back into your routine (if you have one), and on that basis every salesperson should have a system or routine that holds them to doing the right things that matter in their market.  I liken it to getting on or off the ‘horse’.

Build Your Commercial Property Routine

Every day you must get back into your routine.  Top agents live by their routine and they are continually refining it as they proceed.  On most days the top agents will do only the things that matter to them.  That will normally be:

  • Prospecting and cold calling for new business
  • Serving their existing clients and property listings
  • Promoting their listings personally to local businesses and property owners
  • Maintaining contact with people in their database
  • Inspecting properties for all types of reasons
  • Checking out the local property trends, prices, rents, and time on market.

All of this is called ‘churn’ and you only get this when you ‘get back on the horse’ and ride it into your market every day.

If you have just come back from a break from your commercial real estate job, quickly take action to get back into your career and market.  Get your systems going again as quickly as possible!

If you are new to the industry, then you will soon see just how important these things are to your future listings and commissions.

If you want some more free tips for your commercial real estate career you can get them in our bulletin.