Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Commercial Real Estate Agents - No Vendor Commitment Gets No Listing Service

two businessmen meeting and talking
Get your facts clear for the client

When it comes to commercial real estate services and strategies, if you can put the client in the picture of the recommended property solution, you will find that the presentation or sales pitch will work more effectively for you.  That is what top agents do each and every day.  They create a picture of the solution, and put the client into that solution picture.

Client Facts Give Leverage

Clients dislike challenges and love solutions.  That should be the basis of every sales pitch and presentation that you undertake as a real estate agent.  That is why the top agents are so successful when it comes to difficult properties.

Help the Client See Your Solution

To help the client and get them to visualise the entire process, you simply tell stories relative to other people that you have helped in the marketplace and other challenging properties that required special effort and understanding.  Stories will connect with your client and build a picture or a solution for them to step into.

Top Agents Tell Stories'

Top agents have great stories of relevance to use in their presentations.  They know how to tell a story that matches the needs and challenges of the client.  Market knowledge and transactions information will help you create a series of stories to be used at the right time and with the right property.

Here are some tips to help you with the story creation and solution process with your clients:

  1. Competing properties in the local area will always be relevant to your sales pitch.  Pay close attention to other competing properties in the local area and observe the frustrations and failed activities of their marketing programs.  The incompetence of other agents and properties will provide the basis of stories and information to your client or prospect.  Your client wants to be successful and will gladly accept sensible strategies of marketing that improve their position against competing properties.
  2. Challenging listings that you have sold or leased will be a good source of information for storytelling.  Every property will have unusual twists and turns that apply to the marketing and negotiation process.  Obviously you cannot divulge confidential information, but you can explain the practicalities that you provided on the property and challenges that you resolved.
  3. Alternative and specific methods of marketing should be used today.  Generic property marketing is no longer relevant and will only attract average inquiry if any at all.  Specific targeting of prospects is now required and personal effort should be directed into the marketing program for every listing that you take on board.  Have some suitable marketing stories and solutions to talk to your clients about as you present on the property listing.
  4. The needs of the target market should always be identified relative to each listing.  The relevance of the subject property to the target market can be illustrated through a sensible story of other properties and located buyers or tenants as the case may be.  Build a story around real facts that converted a difficult listing to a successful result.
  5. Qualified property inquiry should be generated at each and every opportunity.  That is why we specifically market properties to targets and target market segments.  Emphasize to your client the central need and focus of generating qualified inquiry in and around the local area.  Most properties will be sold or leased to local business proprietors or property investors.  Tell stories about the local area and the people that you have worked with.  Tell stories about your database and its relevance to the local area.

So the basic rule here is to create a series of property solutions centred on the stories and market experiences.  Put the client into the story and help them relate to the positive outcome that is possible.