Saturday, July 7, 2012

Commercial Real Estate Agents - 5 Ways to Take Digital Photographs of Commercial Property

high rise commercial building photograph of reflection in windows
Make images interesting

When you list a commercial or retail property for sale or lease, the next phase of the listing cycle will be to get your marketing material ready to release to the media and put out on the internet.  Part of that process will be taking and using digital photographs.

Here are some tips from our bulletin for commercial agents in marketing property.

The good photographs that you take will have a major impact on the advertisements and brochures that you use them in.  All care and attention to detail should be used in the taking of the photographs so you get the right angle, and best lighting to suit the property and the message that you are trying to send with the marketing effort.

What’s the Cost?  Who pays?

Many agencies today use professional photographers to take photographs of new listings.  The decision is wise however there is a cost to the process.  Any photographs taken by specialist photographers should be part of a vendor paid marketing program.

When you use quality photographs, your marketing message is far more successful in challenging the competing properties for sale or lease in the area.  The images and use of quality photos also shows that you are an agent of skill and marketing experience.  You are sending all the right messages.

It’s a fact that many average and ordinary agents take their own digital photographs and have little regard for improving the angle or message of the property image.

Use images as a marketing and presentation tool

If you want to sell or lease a property sooner rather than later, take good digital photographs as part of a client funded marketing program.  Show the client the differences between professional and ordinary photographs.

Open versus exclusive?

So what happens if you choose to take on an open listing into your agency books?  The message is simple; always try to get the client to pay for professional digital photographs.  Remember that the images will be going on your website and if they are not of suitable quality they will detract from the other great properties that you already have listed.

Quality images help your website hits and conversions to enquiries.  Poor photo images send people elsewhere with their enquiry.  At a time when the property market is slow and tough, you must capture enquiry as much as possible.

Here are 5 tips for taking better digital photographs for your property listings:

  1. Use a professional photographer wherever possible.
  2. Take outside photos with due regard for the rising or setting sun.  You need the light on the facade of the property to show it well.
  3. An angled shot across the frontage of the property gives greater interest to the prospect that may be viewing the advertisement or website image.
  4. Use ‘depth of field’ settings on your camera to remove the clarity of objects that are beyond or outside the boundaries of the property. 
  5. Take many photos so you can create a shortlist of the ones to be used in the final marketing material.

Digital photography has made everyone’s job a lot easier when it comes to marketing commercial and retail property. That being said, it is really important to preserve the quality of the property and send the right marketing message.  When you do this, you will build the enquiries that you get for the average marketing spend; that is a very good thing.

Here are some free tips from our commercial agents property bulletin of tips and ideas.