Thursday, July 12, 2012

Commercial Property Agents - Stop Repeating Errors to Build Your Business

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Get some real focus

In commercial real estate agency it is easy to get stuck in the same work patterns and tasks.  Most salespeople do the same things every day.  Unfortunately those things in most cases are those that are the easiest, and produce the least amount of opportunity if any at all.

Have you seen this?

If you have ever come across a salesperson that says that they sent out 1,000 prospecting letters this week to local businesses, you will know what I mean.  Most if not all of those letters will end up in the bin.  

If you are going to send out letters, then do so but make sure you only send out a small number that you can personally follow up on.  You will say that it takes time to do that!  Yes it does, but the only way to make direct mail work is to follow it up.

Some people think that the professional sales field is easy; in commercial real estate it does not get easy very often.  You have to fight for every lead, and every listing; you have to fight for every prospect and every deal.  Learn how to fight; it’s the right way to go.

Only a few salespeople go beyond the boundaries of convenience and do the hard things that need to be done.  Most of the hard things that we avoid are those that will help us grow our business and market share.  

Who Wins?

When the property market gets tough or challenging, it is those agents that do the hard things that get somewhere.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are you really good at?
  2. What is not working for you and why is that?
  3. What are you not doing?
  4. What do you hate doing?
  5. How can you improve your outcomes?
  6. What is stopping you now?
  7. What is the market looking for?
  8. How much stock do you have ‘exclusively’?
  9. What are you doing to directly market all your quality listings?

Somewhere in those questions are the keys to progress in commercial real estate for you personally.  Success in this industry is a personal thing; it comes from within.  Now many of us have heard that statement before in many different ways; the reality is that we can do more for ourselves.

What's not happening?

If the market is slow or tough for you now, take a look at what you are not doing of importance, and then solve the matter by stretching your actions and attitude; do the hard stuff.  Light the ‘flame of progress’ and start burning through the property market with greater drive and enthusiasm.  Success in this industry comes from within; that’s the rule, everything else is luck.

You can get more tips for commercial real estate agents in our regular bulletin.