Monday, July 16, 2012

Commercial Agents - Resolutions to Consider in Your Proposals and Pitches

Top Agents ask questions.

Proposals to sell or lease commercial property are a common fact of life for the average salesperson when you work with corporate or more experienced clients.  That being said, beware of the client can waste so much of your time in the submission of a proposal.

If the client wants a fully written proposal and presentation, ask them why!  You and I both know that the document will take a great amount of time to collate and submit.  Imagine what your diary would be like if you had 10 proposals to do this week.  If the client wants a proposal, ask them to explain the key issues for the request before you agree to do it.  Get them to drill down on the real facts of the request.

If you are dealing with the decision maker, then a request for a proposal is a side-step away from you.  If you had done a great job in connecting with the client or prospect, you should have won the job.  Beware of prospective clients that can waste your time.

Top Agents and Proposals

Top agents rarely do a comprehensive proposal.  They will usually have won the job before the paperwork is even discussed.  Work on your relationship with the client and not the proposal submission.
In your meeting with the client let them see that you are really the best solution to marketing their property.  If they ask you for a proposal, the likelihood is that you have not sold yourself sufficiently to move on the listing.

In most cases a client that is looking for a proposal, is really looking for you to give them a reason to dump your services.  They have already made their decision to move ahead with another agent!
The dreaded proposal is all too often a time killer and a great disappointment for all agents.  Work on relationships and not proposals!  Create more relationships and less proposals.

If you are working with a client on a potential listing you can use these strategies to position your solutions favorably:

  1. Walk through the property with the client before you do a proposal.  This process will help build the personal connection with the client.
  2. Plant some questions in the client’s mind on key property issues that will derail the competitors that you are up against.
  3. Tell stories of other property clients that you have helped and how you resolved the property challenge.  It is remarkable just how stories are remembered and connected with in any property presentation.
  4. Give the client a good idea of just how you will move ahead in today’s market.  Let the client feel that you really do have a specific solution that they need to promote their property.
  5. Local market knowledge will always help the client understand what has happened in the property market and what the target buyers and sellers are looking for.  Every property promotion is a definite process; it’s not an experiment.

Get control of your client and your proposal submissions.  See them for what they are and react appropriately.

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