Monday, July 23, 2012

Cold Calling is Really Tough for Some Commercial Realtors

business woman talking on telephone
Get used to Cold Calling and talking to many prospects

When you first start up as a salesperson in commercial real estate, someone will tell you that you must prospect and cold call.  That’s where the problem starts for many a salesperson.  They have to stretch out well beyond their comfort zone.  They have to do things that they do not like or have not done much before. Here are some tips from our bulletin for Commercial Real Estate Agents and Realtors.

Now self-belief is a good thing; that is the belief that you will do the calls each and every day.  Real world experience says that most salespeople (8 out of 10) do little in the way of cold calls and will avoid it at every opportunity.

So Its Tough - Get Used to It

Make no mistake here, cold calling is really tough until you get used to it.  The only way to get used to it is to make the calls.  The real issue is that you must create a habit of the process, and so many salespeople struggle with that.
So how do you create a habit of this?  Here are some tips to help you:

  1. It is not natural to make cold calls for most people.  On that basis you must shift your mindset or thinking to that of ‘making an enquiry’.   If you understand that you are simply calling a person to see if they have a need or an interest, then the calling process can take a whole new momentum.
  2. Set a time each day for the calling process.  When you do this, it helps build your momentum and that will eventually become a habit.
  3. For a short while you will need to think about what to say in the calling process and you will need to practice.  The practice will help you significantly and fast track the results that you want.
  4. It takes about 3 or 4 weeks for the prospecting and cold calling system to become a habit in your business.  Lock up time in your diary for a full 4 weeks so you can stick to the process.

If you want more listings and better commissions in commercial real estate (and who doesn’t), then take on the cold calling process and make it work for you.  Challenge yourself to improve and grow with this great new tool in business.

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