Friday, June 15, 2012

What Does it Take to Be a Top Commercial Real Estate Agent Today?

businessman straightening tie
Top commercial agents choose to be so.

In commercial property you see many different salespeople and agents.  Whilst many of them think that they are the ‘best at what they do’ and perhaps even a ‘top agent’, the reality is far from the truth in most cases.  Less that 5% of commercial real estate agents would be in the very ‘top’ of the industry and dominating their market.  They are the 'best of the best'.

The very best agents get to achieve far more that everyone else and that is because of personal effort.  They know what they have to do every day and they do it; they are masters of their own destiny.

We know that many good agents have times where they are earning good commissions and have quality listings, but the very best in the industry are always at the top of their industry because of their personal systems.  The ‘top agents’ have a group of prospects and clients that trust them and confide in them with complex property problems.

So what can you do to reach this level of the industry?  The simple answer is that you have to improve yourself in ways that make you stand out as the highest value person to take on the problem for the clients.  Your clients and prospects need to know you as the ‘expert’ that they need and in saying that, they should trust you.  If trust and ethics is a problem for you then solve that set of problems first before proceeding.

Is this for you?  If this sounds like where you want to head in your career, then here are a few ideas to help you on the path:

  1. Choose your property type that you know a lot about or you want to know a lot about.  You have to be seen as the ‘expert’ when it comes to a property type and or location.  When you have made your choice, the knowledge process begins.  Get to know everything about the property type and the variations and pressures that apply to it.  Understand the best solutions for all difficult challenges.
  2. From the start of your career you should be building a database of people that you can talk to easily and who know you as a quality agent.  When you open the door with a prospect or client, keep in regular contact with valuable content and information.  It is surprising just how many agents have large databases of people that they have never spoken to more than once or twice.
  3. Define your geographic market so you know exactly where you will be focusing your efforts.  There is no point in marketing or selling and leasing a property that is too far away from your office, because it will be too hard to service and you will not really understand the factors of that market.  It is better to conjunct with another agent if the listing is too far out of your territory.
  4. When you list a property, seek vendor paid marketing funds and an exclusive listing.  If you believe that you are a ‘top agent’, then preserve that quality be only taking on the listings that are yours to work on exclusively for a fixed time period.

So you can add to the list as you consider your local property market and the advantages it offers you.  Proceed into your career with focus and action.  Work to a system and stick to it until it becomes a habit.  Soon you will be a ‘top agent’.