Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Pitch for a Commercial Real Estate Listing Today

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Know how to do a Sales Pitch

When you work as an agent in Commercial Real Estate, you will frequently come up against other agents in the sales pitch and presentation process for the listing.  The reality of the situation is that the client will make their decisions to list their property based largely on how confident they are in you as the expert to solve their property problem.

Selling or leasing commercial real estate is not an experiment.  It is a definite skill based on your knowledge and relevance to the client as an expert to help them.   Are you really an expert and can you show the client that fact?

Discounts Do Not Win

The sales pitch and presentation process is not all about the low fee or the discounted advertising strategies that you have to offer.  Any client that accepts an agent on that basis is really doing themselves an in justice.  They want the best agent that knows how to attack the problem that they have.

Taking this strategy on-board, the sales pitch for the listing should include some of the following strategies:

  • Show the client some other properties that have had similar issues and challenges, and then take them through the solution process.  Give specific detail as to how you addressed the challenges and then moved the property to the market.
  • Define the target market for the property and provide some clear facts about how you will tap into that market.
  • Whether the property is to be sold or leased, there will be a ‘best solution’ to the process.  The client should be told what that solution is and how you are going to implement it.
  • Time on market for the property will vary depending on a number of local factors.  Show the client how the time on market can be controlled and minimised.
  • The marketing solutions that you provide should be well planned and not just a generic approach to placing adverts in the media and on the internet.  Provide the client with some draft adverts that apply to their property, together with the ‘dot points’ of highlights that you believe are the points of attraction for the listing.
  • Your database can be a great tool to help the sales pitch.  Tell the client how you have reviewed your database already and show them the short list of people that you will be immediately taking to as part of the listing process when the marketing starts.
  • Put a time factor on your listing form appointment of no more than 14 days.   This will tell the client that your intentions to proceed have been planned to a timetable and that the ‘clock is already ticking’.  If they do not accept your listing proposal in 14 days, then all situations change.

When it comes to listing and pitching for the listing and the business, be precise and specific; drill down on the property and the facts that you know will help the client get the results that they need.   Top agents and those that dominate their market know that each listing has a specific solution, and that message has to be provided in your presentation.