Friday, June 29, 2012

Commercial Real Estate Agents - Connecting and Presenting to Clients

Client communication tips in commercial .

When it comes to listing a commercial or retail property for sales or leasing or property management, a good strategy to help you win the listing is to focus on redefining the scope of the services required to match the client’s immediate needs.

In many respects the client will not totally understand the complexity of the property market and the solutions you can provide.  They simply know that they must achieve a sale, a lease, or get the property management activities under control.  You can provide a greater depth and scope to the solution process.  Your experience in the property market can help you do this.

How to Implement

To take this approach you can work from your immediate understanding of the client’s requirements.  They will be based around the sales, leasing, or management process.

You can then expand on the particular issues and move into a redefinition of scope and opportunity.  Your current market knowledge and personal experience will give confidence to the process.

The redefining process works initially from the base of the client’s current needs and understandings, and that then expands into the opportunities that you identify and explain.  As the property expert you can redefine the scope and improve on the alternatives available.  That is how you win a sales presentation or pitch.  Attract the client’s attention through creative solutions and strategies.

Here are some tips to the redefinition process:

  1. Provide some client testimonials and stories from the past.  Your client today will want to know that they are not alone in the listing process and property challenge.
  2. Understand what the client does know about the property market today, and use that as a basis of expansion into opportunities and strategies.  It is very important that you make the connection between what they know and what you can do.  Failure to do this will see them lose the connection or the relevance of your discussion.
  3. Most clients understand that you list, market, inspect, and negotiate on commercial property matters.  Unless you give them some clear reasons as to why you are better in each of the stages, you will not differentiate yourself from the other agencies.  Take each of the stages of the listing and marketing process, and then add your points of difference to the particular stages.
  4. As a central focus to your presentation, give information to the client that they would not normally know, expect, or even consider as relevant to their property promotion.  Think beyond the boundaries of generic marketing and come up with some very specific strategies that can improve their available overall solutions.

The top agents in this market are professionally different and very creative when it comes to helping clients resolve property challenges.  You also have this ability to refine and develop.  Experience will always take you there, but a deliberate focus will get you there faster.  In that case you will generate more market share and relevance to the clients that need you.

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