Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Commercial Real Estate Agents Focus and Time Management

woman filling out diary at desk
It pays to plan your day and your time

When you work in commercial real estate sales or leasing, it is easy to feel that you are lost and that things are not happening as you expected.  All types of issues come about in your local area and can frustrate your progress.

Try these as examples.

  • The buyers of property seem slow to react to good listings.  
  • The money in the market seems to have ‘dried up’
  • Businesses are not moving as quickly as you would like
  • There are numerous properties on the market that are empty and unsold
  • Your listings are not attracting the levels of inquiry that you need
  • The deals are taking a very long time to put together
  • You have the listings but you have no inquiry
  • The Sellers are not adjusting their prices to suit the market
  • The contracts and the leases that you create are not straightforward and involve extensive due diligence and subject to provisions.

So the good news is that these things are not unusual and they do happen.  They all present certain challenges when it comes to the required marketing processes and negotiations.  Given all of these facts, you need to keep to your own system that works for you.

The system is really a set of daily activities that consolidate your focus in the marketplace.  Regardless of the other pressures that occur, you should still be doing a few things consistently each and every day.  They will be the things that help you build your market over time.

Here are a few ideas that work for some top agents that I know:

  • Hone your prospecting skills so that you are continually meeting new people.
  • Practice your dialogues and negotiation skills in some role plays with the other members of your team.
  • Research your market each and every day for new people and new properties to tap into.

When you stick to the rules, and maintain your personal system through any other pressures that may be going on, you will find that you will break through and progress further into the market.  It just takes consistency and focus.