Monday, June 11, 2012

Commercial Property Agents - Just One More Telegraph Pole in Your Market

business man at office door
Set your routine in Commercial Real Estate

Have you ever driven down a long country road that never seems to end?  Mile after mile you have nothing but fences and telephone poles to look at.   In the great open spaces of Australia (where I live), there are roads that go on for thousands of miles with little to see or stop at.  The Nullarbor Plain is a case in point; it takes a full 2 days to drive across it.  Some people don’t mind it, whilst others would rather fly to the other side.

Commercial real estate agency is a bit like the long never ending road.  Every day you get into the car and you pull out onto the same bitumen road.  Pretty soon you are streaming along a road that you have traveled before.  You pass the same telephone poles and you may even be counting them in the process.  It is very easy to get bored or not know where you are, however the routine really does matter.

The key to success in commercial real estate is to get into the routine of doing the right things every day that can build on progress.  Yes it’s like driving that car on a long road; you know exactly what you see and will pass on the ‘business road’ but you must get into the ‘business car’ every day and ‘start the engine’. 

Get into your routine.  As you do this, start taking notice of the small things in the market, and count your daily progress and results.  It’s a bit like counting the ‘telephone poles’ on the road to somewhere.  You will pass lots of ‘poles’ before you find the right one.   The right one will have a message or a story and that is what you are looking for.

Prepare to see the real opportunity in the ordinary things that you pass in your daily journey.  Talk to lots of people and visit lots of places; there is opportunity out there for you.  Commercial real estate is a people based industry; market you to the people at every ‘telegraph pole’.