Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Career Tips for Becoming a Top Commercial Property Agent

You will need tools to be a 'Top Commercial Agent'

When you start your career in commercial agency, it pays to have some process of tracking when it comes to specific things that occur regularly throughout the day, the week, and the year.  Here are some tips from our Newsletter for Commercial Agents and Salespeople.

When you track your numbers, you will know when you are improving.  Every positive piece of information and every listing conversion will give you encouragement to go further.  In this way you can work towards becoming a Top Agent today.

Here are some things to do and events to track as part of your property listing performance and sales performance process.

  1.             In most locations there will be local chambers of commerce or business groups.  You should join one or two of these groups subject to the relevance of them to your property specialty and location.
  2.            Connect with all the larger local businesses occupying key property locations through your region.  Find out when their leases expire or when their property needs may change.  These are dates and trigger points need to be monitored and should be entered into your database.
  3.            Publish articles relevant to your local area and property specialty.  It is very easy to do this through the Internet and on your own Blogs. 
  4.            Join a number of social media platforms to connect with your clients and prospects with relevant information at the right time.  This will also help with your Internet profile.
  5.            Monitor the number of outbound telephone calls that you are making on a daily basis.  Ideally the number should be in excess of 40 calls per day and at least half of them should be to new people.  In this way you will increase your market share and market coverage.
  6.            Connect with the people in your database at least once every 90 days.  In this way you will create a personal branding and a connection that will encourage the business image that you require.
  7.            Track the number of meetings that you have with new people on a weekly basis.  These are people that could be prospects to why the purchase, sell, or rent commercial property in the future.
  8.            As you list, sell, or rent commercial property, track the numbers of listings that are converted to successful transactions.  Also track the time on market relative to each listing.  These ratios will vary from time to time throughout the year and will give you an indication of market momentum and sentiment.
  9.            Track the number of the inbound calls to your office and to you personally on a daily basis.  These numbers will tell you just how much enquiry is active in the market today.
  10.     .     When you get an enquiry of any type, find out where the enquiry was initiated so you understand the marketing that is working for you.

Your ratios will help you identify changes in the marketplace and opportunities to be captured.  

Every top agent will have a system similar to those items mentioned above.  In this way you can optimise the time that you spend in the market and grow your personal career as a specialist commercial property agent.

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