Saturday, June 23, 2012

Best Sales Pitch for Commercial Real Estate Agents

female giving a sales presentation in a boardroom
Sales pitch and presentation ideas for Agents

When it comes to selling and leasing commercial property as an agent you really do need a good sales pitch to convert quality listings and control your market.  The quality listings are those that will bring you good enquiry and dominant market share.  Here are some tips from our Commercial and Retail Agents Newsletter.

The sales pitch or presentation process that you use should always be refined and improved at every opportunity.  

Those improvements will occur based on the local property market, the client, and the types of enquiry that you currently are receiving.  Add that local ‘flavor’ to your pitch and presentation.

Key Parts

Here are some key parts of the sales pitch and presentation process for commercial and retail property.  You can take these factors and add in some of your local area expertise and knowledge.

  1. It is important that the needs of the client are clearly identified and understood from the outset.  The best way to do this is to walk through the property with the client as part of the information gathering process.  Asking questions will allow you to identify key concerns and problems in the clients mind.  At a later stage, those issues will be fed into your presentation or pitch with the appropriate answers.
  2. The facts about the property should be sourced and then checked.  It is not unusual for a client to hold back on key issues that will impact the marketing and promotional process.  It is best that the property is fully identified and reviewed before the final presentation or pitch process commences.  It is not wise to inspect the property and then do your presentation without due regard to all of the relevant facts.
  3. The local area will apply some pressure on the marketing process.  The pressure can be in the forms of competing properties, price or rental changes, levels of enquiry, environmental issues, or local business and demographics.  As the local property expert, you will need to talk through these issues and help the client understand the adjustments that should occur to their property marketing.
  4. Define the target market that will be relevant to the property.  Help the client understand the levels of enquiry that currently come from that target market and the types of property that are being sourced.  Tell the client about your database and its relevance to the target market currently.  It may be that you have some qualified prospects in the database now that can inspect the property as soon as the client signs the listing.  Tell the client about these qualified prospects as it will help your listing process.
  5. Offer some strategy regards specific marketing.  The days are well gone out of generic marketing in local papers and on the Internet.  We need to be more specific about the alternatives of marketing and the initiatives that we will pursue.  The client needs to see that we really do have a strategy relevant to their property and challenge.
  6. Tell the client about the competing properties in the local area.  Some marketing and price adjustments will need to occur with your listing if you are to successfully challenge the competing listings.  Give reasons for your recommendations and clearly supply the strategy to compete with these other properties.
  7. The inspections and negotiations relative to the listing should occur in an efficient and professional way.  Explain to the client how you will be undertaking inspections, negotiating with the qualified parties, and communicating the stages of the transaction.  The client wants to know that you really are very good at what you do, so tell them where you are going with the overall plan and solution for their property.  Make a point of explaining your professionalism and strategy through all stages of the transaction.
  8. There will be a timeline to the process of listing, marketing, inspecting, and closing on a contract or lease.  Give the client a form of timeline that they can see and appreciate visually.  You can use a Gantt graphing process to help you here; it’s quite powerful in a presentational situation.

These simple stages can help you significantly with your sales pitch or presentation.  Take time to establish the ideal system that works for you and then practice it on a regular basis.  You will find that your confidence will grow and your conversions of listings will rise.

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