Saturday, June 9, 2012

3 Keys to Commercial Property Marketing Plans

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Plan your marketing campaigns.
In this tougher commercial property market, there are lots of other properties competing for the same limited enquiry.  When it comes to promoting a specific property for sale or lease, the right message has to be sent regards the individual property and its relevance to the enquiring parties. This is a process of target marketing.

Today there is no doubt that we are dealing with fewer inquiries from of property buyers and tenants, and much more selective people.  When it comes to selling and or leasing commercial property, the entire decision process can take quite some time.  Some interested parties will visit the property a number of times before they put in an offer.

So the marketing process for the particular property has a far greater relevance today in attracting the right people.  There are three distinct points of the leverage that will help maximize the inquiry.

They are:

  1. Identify the factors that differentiate the listing from all others in the local area.  You should be able to identify at least four or five factors with each particular listing.  The factors that you select can then be fed into the marketing program in a consistent way.  They should feature at the top of every advertisement and brochure regards the property so that you can consistently capture the mindset of the target market.  Some people will look at the same advertisement for property in a number of different channels of media.  That is why you need the same points of attraction in the marketing message.
  2. A consistent a message of motivation needs to be applied to the marketing of each single property.  The message should be the same across all the advertisements, brochures, and Internet listings, whilst also being a point of real motivation to the target market.  Exactly what points of importance or motivation apply to your target market?  Exactly how will your property solve the challenges of the target market today?  When you know the answers, you have the real advantage in your marketing strategy.  You can feed those factors into the design of the adverts.
  3. How can the existing property add value to the purchaser or tenant as the case may be?  What benefits exist to the new occupant of the property following the sale or lease process?  These points of added value should feature in your marketing strategy.

As an added twist to the marketing process and solutions adopted, you can ask the client to give you some background on the reasons why they purchased the property initially.  The factors that were important to them at the time of purchase may still be relevant today as you commence the new marketing campaign.

You can also talk to the occupants of properties in the same local area the same question, given that they understand the real advantages that the area provides to them.  They will know the high and the low points of property occupation and may be willing to share their information.

Marketing a commercial or retail property today is not that difficult, he just requires a clear mindset and a process of gathering the relevant information and points of attraction from the broader business community.  The local business community will likely understand more about the points of attraction than you do when it comes to local property occupation or ownership.  Ask questions and capture that market feedback.