Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Find Quality Clients in Commercial Real Estate Today

In a commercial real estate agency, what does a high quality client look like to you?  When you know what they are, who they are, and where they come from you can focus your marketing efforts to build a better business and dominate your market.   Here are some tips from our Newsletter for Commercial Property Agents.

Be selective with the clients that you act for.  This process starts with the prospecting that you do every day, and continues right through to the listing and marketing process.  Be known as the agent that attracts the best clients with the best properties, and services them well.  Over time this profile will build you a great market share and potentially good referral business.

A good client will usually fit some or all of the following criteria:

  1. They pay a fair fee and or commission for the services offered
  2. They can and will give you and your agency repeat business in sales, leasing, and property management
  3. They own quality property in the local area and have done so for some time
  4. They are known as successful property owners and or developers (if that is what they do)
  5. They are realistic when it comes to listening to your recommendations regards the property market and the listings that you assist with
  6. They are open and honest with you when it comes to property negotiations with buyers and tenants.
  7. They will listen to your recommendations in any negotiation and openly discuss the best position and outcome so you have something to negotiate with
  8. They pay for marketing when it comes to promotion of a property for sale or lease
  9. They give you an exclusive agency for a reasonable period of time so you can work on the property with focus and effort
  10. They sign the agency appointment so you can act correctly on the property in a legally correct way.

Clients like this do actually exist!  They just take effort to find and nurture.  Top agents know that the process of building such a client list is a deliberate strategy centred on trust and great communication.  Top agents also service these clients exceptionally well so the levels of referral business continue and grow.

When you find potential clients that cover some or all of these requirements, it is time to work on a strategy of connection that can move you closer to them.  It is likely that other agents are already there and working with the prospect.  Take whatever steps are necessary to meet with these high value clients and open the doors for more connection on a professional level.

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