Sunday, November 6, 2011

Systems for Commercial Real Estate Agents to Follow to Get Listings Today

When you work as a salesperson in commercial or retail property sales or leasing, the amount of enquiry that you can attract and convert will build your market share and your commissions.  This applies in any market and in any economy.

So often you hear that some salespeople are finding things tough or slow at the moment.  Here is what they should do:

1.       Start to take daily action on greater levels of prospecting and cold calling.  A full 40% of your working day should be devoted to prospecting.

2.       Specialise in both location and property type as this will generally let you be seen as the expert.  When it comes to attracting listings, this is the image you require.

3.       Check out all the good local properties on a street by street basis by talking to the property owners to see what pressures or needs they may have and need help with.

4.       Speak to all the local business owners.  They know so much about the local area and are likely to tell you of some property lead that you can tap into.

5.       Identify what the local tenants are doing in case any of them want to move or relocate to better or different premises.

6.       See what the local property developers are doing and identify if they are seeking to sell of any land banks or acquire new sites for fresh development.

7.       Monitor the local property zoning activities in case the demographics of the local area is up for a change.

8.       Use a good database to capture any activity here.  It is surprising just how important your database becomes in a quiet property market.

The system to support you in a quiet property market is built around deliberate and systemised action.  When you take the right action and keep it going, things happen.  More quality listings will lead to better commissions and greater levels of enquiry.

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