Friday, November 25, 2011

Commercial Property Sales - Attitude Matters

When you work in commercial real estate the chances are that things will get challenging from time to time. The property market is always on the change and salespeople need to keep up with that change.

Property owners will be under pressure to keep their mortgagee happy with property values and the tenants in the property could be on the move hence creating a threat of a higher vacancy factor. The salesperson that really works these opportunities will do well in any market and at any time. It all comes down to focus and action.

Investors that own commercial or retail property really do need the help of a good agent. A property agent that has a great database and really does know what is going on in the local area, will always be of value to a property owner.

So many salespeople in commercial real estate live a life or career of new starts. They are always starting a fresh new project or concept. They fail to stick to the project and have to go back to the beginning.

How good would it be if they started something and then kept doing it? Where would they be today?

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