Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ways to Use Your Database In Commercial Real Estate

In this property market your real estate agency database is everything when it comes to business generation. The agents with a comprehensive and large database rarely experience a downturn. They simply adjust the market that they serve and then they offer specialized property solutions to the most common property pain that landlords and owners have. Right now that is:
- higher vacancy factors
- pressures on rental levels
- tenants that need help to survive
- properties that just have to sell regardless of end price
- higher occupancy costs
- lower customer numbers in managed retail properties
- lower levels of turnover for retail tenants
- rebalance required for the tenancy mix

General real estate brokerage works well at this time. That means working both sales and leasing opportunities of all types. You know about property and you know what is going on in the market; provide the help that property owners require and the business will follow. Use your database productively by doing the following:
- track all contacts you have every day
- go back to old contacts and open the door again to see if those people need help or assistance with property matters
- street by street contact the property owners and the businesses to see if they need help with property challenges.
- keep in touch with all your contacts at least every 90 days and sooner if you think something is active.

Commercial real estate agency is not hard even in these tougher times; it just takes a very efficient salesperson making the new contacts each and every day. Your database is critical to the process of growing your business and driving opportunity your way.

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