Monday, September 12, 2011

Make Your Commercial Property Sales Pitch Work

When you work in commercial real estate sales or leasing, the presentation or sales pitch for listing, selling, or leasing happens frequently each and every day and week. So just how relevant and good are your pitches and presentations in this current market? Do you stand well above and beyond the other real estate agents as being the best in the area?

Here is a checklist to make you think about your pitch success rate:
1. Can you say that you are winning at least 50% of your sales pitches?
2. How are you showing the client that they need to reach a clear target market with their marketing campaign?
3. What message are you sending regards the marketing that has to be done?
4. Are you adopting a solution approach to the property pain that the client has now?
5. Are you telling the property owner exactly how you will take prospects to and through the property to maximise the outcome?
6. Are you simplifying the listing and marketing process so the client can see the easiest way ahead?
7. Are you giving the client alternatives to choose from in your sales pitch or presentation?

When you match the presentation to the needs of the client, they listen more and consider the recommendations with better focus.

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