Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tips for Commercial Property Management Time Management

One of the biggest challenges for Commercial Property Managers every day is to get the work done. That is because these property managers are so busy most of the time, and in commercial property management the work is so diverse and challenging.

So what does a commercial property manager have to do every day? Good question. Here are some big ones.
1. Checking all rent payments for any discrepancies
2. Keeping on top of arrears
3. Leasing vacant premises
4. Maintaining the properties and keeping them functioning correctly
5. Reporting to the landlord with any issues of concern
6. Talking to tenants on a regular basis regards current issues
7. Keeping in contact with contractors regards current work.

So just how does a busy property manager keep it all under control? Here is a tip or two to help:

A: Keep and make your meetings with tenants and landlords in the afternoon
B: Do all your paperwork and office work in the morning when your mind is fresh
C: Keep away from distracting unnecessary calls in the morning - they can wait till later in the day
D: Work to a diary that helps you plan your work the night before
E: Make notes from all meetings and important conversations

Commercial property managers are really in charge of their own time. How they use that time will impact their success in the industry. Stress and a short career is the alternative. You can get more tips for property managers here at this website

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