Saturday, August 13, 2011

Levels of Concentration in Prospecting Processes

When you prospect for new business as a real estate agent, there are times of the day where you will achieve more from the efforts you put out. Knowing your peak performance time will make all the difference in prospecting and cold calling.

Simply put, your concentration levels are highest during the morning, they peak around the middle of the day and by 4pm they are well on the way down. I tell all the salespeople that I work with to ensure that they get their prospecting done every day before mid afternoon.

In real terms the prospecting should be done first before anything else but that gets a bit challenging for some that struggle with time management and a number of key tasks.

Here is a prospecting tip for real estate agents:

Give your prospecting time a label or a name. When you call it something good and meaningful for you, it takes its own momentum and identity in your daily activity. I call mine 'Call Direct'. It is a positive twist on taking action on calls. Every day I put 'Call Direct' time in my diary. I enjoy the call process and you can to.

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