Thursday, August 11, 2011

Commercial Property Managers Handover Process

When a commercial property manager takes over a property from a building owner or other agent, the handover process is critical to the outcome.

If the information taken over is not comprehensive and accurate, the future of the management is going to be slow and difficult. The wise man in me says that information provided is likely to be wrong, lacking, or vague. Always check what you are given.

Experience in investment property and asking the right questions are the keys to a good property management handover process.

Asking questions about key things such as:
- current rentals
- leases
- tenant mix
- building maintenance
- arrears
- income and expenditure performance
- building function and daily operation
- tenant mix

The list can go on and will vary from property to property and location to location. The best way to handle this handover process is by creating a special Property Management Handover Checklist for each property type in your location. Some of the key points in the list above will be in that list.

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