Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Real Estate Leasing

In this property market there are some opportunities still to be had for the local real estate agent. Commercial leasing is far more active than commercial property sales. Some businesses are quite successful and it is those that need help with premises.

So the best opportunity right now is with leasing commercial premises.

The rents are attractive to many business people and the incentives are similarly attractive. All the more reason to do a lease deal. Landlords with sitting tenants in their investment properties should protect the tenant mix with attractive lease rents. There are many real estate agents and other landlords out there looking to do a new lease or solve a vacancy issue.

So if you are a real estate agent, start cold calling businesses in your local area. Here are some tips to the process.

1. Make about 50 calls per day in about 3 hours
2. You will get through to about 20 businesses during that time
3. See what the businesses are doing regards current occupancy and if their lease is coming up for expiry.
4. Practice your call dialogue so that you have something to tell those that you speak to. Local property trends is a great place to start.
5. Make the calls at the same time each day to suit your market. If you are calling business leaders it is more likely that you will get to speak to them directly in the afternoon when the pressure of the morning has gone.

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