Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dont List Again Without Hearing This

This is the ultimate checklist that can help you in getting the right things under control in commercial and retail property listing. Capture the information about the client and the property the right way. Commercial Real Estate training by John Highman.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Five Best Cold Calling Secrets Revealed

Finding the best cold calling model for you in commercial real estate is critical to helping you get more clients and listings. Here are 5 call system examples that really work in brokerage and agency.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Ultimate Ways to Beat Competitors

Master your skills and refine ways to beat your competitors in commercial real estate by following ideas and strategies like these.

The Secrets to World Class Sales Skills

In commercial real estate, there are some valuable sales skills to use and improve with listings and clients. Here are six best practice sales skills for brokers and agents.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

3 Ways to Power-up Leasing

There are some key ways to build a better leasing business with the right clients. Here are the 3 client types that can be the foundation of your commercial real estate leasing business.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Shopping Center Operations Manuals

Learn how to create a Shopping Center operations manual capturing all the property facts that impact the tenants, landlord, customers, and maintenance staff. John Highman shares the facts about the manual format and topics that should be covered.

Creating a shopping center report

Learn how to create a shopping center report to a landlord and include in that report the important elements of asset performance and lease activity. John Highman shares ideas about the important elements of the report for a larger shopping center.

Telephone Tactics for Cold Calling

These are highly effective strategies for making more cold calls successfully in commercial real estate brokerage. Learn the concepts and build your business and client list accordingly. Commercial real estate training.

Secrets to Contact Management in Brokerage

Here are some special skills and strategies to use with a contact management program in commercial real estate brokerage. These skills will help you find more new business faster in sales and leasing.

How to Find Plenty of Commercial Tenants

Here is a systematic approach to finding plenty of commercial tenants in your location. Leasing of property and your success in that will be driven by your tenant database and business contact. Here are ways to do that.

How to find more retail shop tenants

Here are some ideas to help you locate better retail shop tenants for your shopping centers and major retail properties. Learn how to protect your tenant mix and rent cashflow.

How to get better sales results

When you work in commercial real estate sales, the results that you achieve will be important. There are some focus points such as clients, listings, enquiries, and inspections. Here are some ideas to help you create your sales system in brokerage.

Important Questions in Shopping Center Management

The leasing and management of a shopping center is quite special. Here are key questions to ask as you work with landlords and tenants in shopping center management.

Building Effective Sales Teams in Brokerage

In commercial brokerage there are several ways to build effective teams, allowing real focus on the client and local property opportunities. Here are some ideas to get things underway with your team.

Don't cold call again without this

Don't make any more cold calls without knowing these facts and this system. Build more contacts by using this call prospecting system and strategy.